Our Competencies

At the Society the performance of our colleagues, at every level is measured against a Competency Framework. Our recruitment process has also been built around these same competencies:

There are 10 competencies within the framework, covering people skills, personal skills and commercial knowledge. These are:

  • Achievement Drive
  • Building Relationships
  • Commercial Awareness
  • Customer Focus
  • Direction Setting
  • Influencing and Interpersonal Skills
  • Judgement and Decision Making
  • Operational Excellence
  • People Development
  • Team Working

The competencies have different levels, which describe different types of behaviour within the overall skill area. The levels describe increasingly complex and demanding activities, from simple day-to-day localised tasks, to far-reaching, strategic actions.

The competencies are written so that they describe what it is that someone should be doing when operating at each level.

The framework is a practical tool that can help improve colleagues' contribution at work by:

  • Letting everyone know “what looks good” in observable and measurable terms, by using a common language.
  • Enabling the organisation to profile different roles against the same standards.
  • Assessing how closely an individual matches a role profile.