• CV

    How can I make my application stand out from the crowd?


    • Use bullet points for easier reading
    • Separate your CV into sections: personal statement, successes, career history & education
    • Start with your most recent employer first
    • The length of your application should be determined by your relevant experience
    • Check your spelling & avoid industry jargon
    • Use a consistent font throughout

    What should I include?

    • Work history: job title, employer, dates & contract type if appropriate
    • A short, high level summary for each role
    • Experience of working with key stakeholders
    • Specific responsibilities including positions of seniority
    • Examples of commercial success, problem resolution or leadership achievements
    • Highlight development opportunities
    • Skill sets including hard skills and soft skills

    Tailor your CV to the job description & highlight relevant

    • Key skills required to do the role
    • Experience
    • Essential qualifications
    • Similar industries & departments
    • Values
  • Interview

    Our interview process will provide you with the best opportunity to excel. We want to find out about your technical skills and competency strengths and depending on the role you have applied for, we may ask you to complete other tasks. This could include an online assessment or exercise on the day, as just an example.

    We will always provide you with a full brief and plenty of time to prepare and will be on hand to guide you through the process.

    What preparation should I do?

    • Research the company website & familiarise yourself with the job role
    • Practise interview questions
    • Plan your journey & allow for traffic
    • If you require any reasonable adjustments for your interview please let us know
    • Take your CV, notebook & pen
    • Know the name/s of the interviewers
    • Prepare a list of questions that you would like to ask

    How do I make a positive first impression?

    • Put your phone on silent to avoid distractions
    • Be yourself, smile, be confident & make eye contact
    • Establish a rapport with the interviewer
    • Check out the dress code policy, if in doubt dress professionally
    • Maintain a good posture
    • Relax, speak clearly and take your time to answer the questions

    What can I expect in the interview?

    • Check the format of the interview
    • Prepare to give an introduction with an overview of your career highlighting key milestones
    • Bring to life positive examples where you have driven your own development
    • Discuss the steps you are taking to work towards your career ambitions
    • Research examples of competency questions
    • If you are required to do a presentation check timings & available IT equipment
    • Provide specific examples to questions with sufficient detail and avoid going off track
    • Use positive language

    What questions should I ask?

    • Ask questions throughout the interview or at the end of the interview
    • Check to make sure you have answered the question fully
    • Express a genuine interest in the role
  • Our Competencies

    Our competency framework defines the behaviours required for good job performance which helps us to achieve current and future business needs. We have 4 core competencies for all colleagues and a further 3 leadership competencies for our people managers.

    Competencies for all colleagues

    Learn and Grow - Has the desire and ability to learn to be the best they can, now and in the future.

    Make Things Happen - Has a strong work ethic and collaborates with the right people at the right time to achieve the right outcomes.

    Positive Influence - Is energised by achieving success and works collaboratively to achieve positive outcomes.

    Customer Centered - Understands our customer strategy and uses this knowledge to deliver an exemplary customer experience.

    Competencies for our people managers

    Inclusive Leadership - Creates an inclusive culture, which enables all colleagues to flourish.

    People Centered - Leads by example, creating an environment of high colleague engagement and performance.

    Curiosity - Exhibits a desire to understand, explore possibilities and strives to find better ways of doing things.