How can I make my application stand out from the crowd?


  • Use bullet points for easier reading
  • Separate your CV into sections: personal statement, successes, career history & education
  • Start with your most recent employer first
  • The length of your application should be determined by your relevant experience
  • Check your spelling & avoid industry jargon
  • Use a consistent font throughout

What should I include?

  • Work history: job title, employer, dates & contract type if appropriate
  • A short, high level summary for each role
  • Experience of working with key stakeholders
  • Specific responsibilities including positions of seniority
  • Examples of commercial success, problem resolution or leadership achievements
  • Highlight development opportunities
  • Skill sets including hard skills and soft skills

Tailor your CV to the job description & highlight relevant

  • Key skills required to do the role
  • Experience
  • Essential qualifications
  • Similar industries & departments
  • Values